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Important changes to MetaCDN pricing


We are rolling out some minor changes to the pricing of MetaCDN. This will affect customers on both post-paid PAYG plans and those on pre-paid plans (Standard, Advanced, Bulk). We will begin measuring all GET and HEAD HTTP requests and metering this usage.

Why has MetaCDN made this change?

This change more closely aligns the pricing of the MetaCDN service with our underlying cost structure. Our wholesale data suppliers charge MetaCDN on this basis and we needed to recover this cost – we have been absorbing it up until now. This allows us to be more transparent in our pricing rather than attempting to recover it elsewhere.

How will it affect me?

Both PAYG and plan customers will see a new usage category in their Report screen. They will be able to track the total number of requests their content has received per day and the total number received during the billing month. The majority of customers will see minimal to no change in their monthly bills.

Pay As You Go Plan

PAYG customers will be charged at the standard PAYG rates (measured at $0.01 per 10,000 requests).

MetaCDN PAYG Pricing

Standard, Advanced or Bulk Plans

Customers on a pre-paid plan (such as Standard, Advanced or Bulk) will receive a generous quota of requests as part of their plans – 1 million, 5 million and 15 million respectively. Any excess requests will be metered at the standard PAYG rates, as is the case for all other services.

When will this change be active?

In accordance with the MetaCDN Terms and Conditions, MetaCDN is giving customers 30 days notice of this amendment to the pricing of the MetaCDN service. This change will become active on the 21st of June, 2012. Customers will see requests being measured on their report page immediately, however they will not be charged for requests until after this date.

Dropbox and SkyDrive work – so why do we need Google Drive?

Dropbox and SkyDrive work – so why do we need Google Drive?