6 Top Tips to Prepare for an Online Sale!


Running an online sale can be an extremely stressful experience! With our list of the top 6 tips for running a sale, we can hopefully help reduce those stress levels and suggest some advice you might not have factored in.

1. Monitor your web server during the sale

The last thing you want during a sale is for your website to go down. Even before your online sale commences it’s best practice to notify your webhost that you will be experiencing a spike in traffic, and ensure your web server can handle the increased load.

2. Use a CDN to reduce server load & page load times

In order to ensure the best user experience during a sale it’s advisable to utilize a content delivery network (CDN). A CDN will help reduce the load on your server by serving assets such as images, javascript and CSS from external servers. This also helps to reduce the page load times and ensure a consistent and high quality user experience.

3. Engage consumers on social media

Staying connected and engaged with your consumers is crucial to brand loyalty but it’s also a great way to know what your consumers want and to let them know about product releases and sales. With social media channels so readily available there is really no excuse not to be engaged with your consumers.

4. Ensure the purchase funnel is streamlined and simple

How easy is it to make a purchase from your site? Your consumers need a streamlined and simple process to get them from their initial interest right through to the final sale. This needs to be clear and easy to follow with logical steps and a clear purchase path to follow.

5. Maintain detailed analytics

Want to know exactly how your consumers found your site, how long they spend on each page and where they are from? You need to have top quality analytics to help keep track of who your consumers are and how they interact with your site. This will help you to target the right consumer and ensure your site performs at its best. We recommend Google Analytics as it is the best free analytics solution out there.

6. Maintain a detailed customer email database

Email marketing is essential in keeping your customers up to date on your latest sales. The general opinion with email lists is the more relevant the email, the more likely a customer is to make a purchase. The best way to ensure relevance to the customer is email list segmentation.

If a customer has made a purchase in a previous sale, then there is a high chance that they’re likely to make a purchase in the next sale. These are the customers you want to maintain a strong relationship with.

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