Advanced-S Site Accelerator: SSL and Small Objects


The Advanced-S Site Accelerator can accelerate your entire website – both static and dynamic content. It is optimised for super fast delivery of small objects (less than 10MB) via a global network of 34 points of presence (PoPs). This makes Advanced-S perfect for boosting your website performance by accelerating:

  • images
  • stylesheets (css)
  • webfonts
  • javascript
  • html

Of course you are not limited to the above – Advanced-S can deliver any file type. However, it is best suited to small object delivery. If you have larger objects ( > 10MB) such as video you may be better suited to a different site accelerator tier such as Standard or Advanced. Check out the comparison chart below to compare the tiers, or simply contact us for help.


The Advanced-S Site Accelerator harnesses multiple CDNs simultaneously, which enables more PoPs and faster delivery for your users. This service leverages CDN edge nodes that are tuned for maximum IO performance. We have a global network of edge nodes that will serve your files straight from RAM or high speed solid state drives (SSD).

Advanced-S also features shared SSL support that can be utilised via your branded MetaCDN subdomain. For instance, if your site name is mysite-cdn, and your MetaCDN accelerated URL is, you can use to securely and quickly access objects from your website.

This can help avoid the dreaded “Mixed modes” warnings you get from most modern web browsers. These messages are common when you request a webpage over SSL (e.g., but some of the resources needed to display the page are only available over unencrypted HTTP (e.g. To avoid mixed-mode warnings, all the assets that make up a page (such as images, scripts, stylesheets and javascript) must be delivered via SSL (e.g. over HTTPS) to avoid mixed-mode warnings. With the Advanced-S Site Accelerator, you can now serve all of your assets over SSL (e.g. and still benefit from accelerated delivery via MetaCDN.

If you want SSL available on your own custom domain (i.e. CNAME) such as, please contact us. Additional fees apply in this instance as the SSL certificate must be deployed on all backend CDN providers.

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