Are You Ready For MetaCDN 2.0?


We are very pleased to announce the release of MetaCDN 2.0. 2.0 is the culmination of months of design, development and dedication by the whole MetaCDN team and we think you’ll be impressed.  So what’s new you ask? Well for starters we’ve added Multiple Users, RSS/SMIL, Social MetaData and HTTPS Embedding. Live streaming has also now come out of preview mode and had some major updates as part of the 2.0 release. Ready to give 2.0 a spin? If you’re an existing customer simply login to your account. If you’re new to MetaCDN, signup for your 28 day free trial to get started.


Multiple Users

MetaCDN is being used more and more by large teams. Managing 10 websites, 100 videos and 20 live streams with a single user login was a pain though to say the least. That’s where the new multi-user feature comes into play. For starters you can add extra users that will have permissions to deploy content in your account. Allowing you add things like multiple departments that each need to publish video content. In future we’ll be extending this with permissions levels and user roles. 


We’re still amazed at the uses people find for our video encoding service. We noticed that some customers were trying to incorporate their videos with other content such as ads or intro animations. Now that is super simple to do with the new RSS/SMIL Feed option. Simply select any player to display your videos along with any other content by setting up an RSS or SMIL Feed.

Social MetaData

Why create amazing video and audio content? So people share it right? Well adding social metadata is a sure fire way to improve content sharing on places like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Embed the supplied meta tags along with your content wherever you post it, encouraging users to share and make your content go viral.

HTTPS embedding

This one is a big improvement for anyone running secure websites with SSL. Previously embedding content into a secure site could display browser warning messages to your users. Now you can just embed the content with HTTPS and rest assured every user will get a perfect experience. 

Live Streaming

The MetaCDN Live Streaming service has moved out of preview and is now officially released as part of MetaCDN Version 2.0. Live Streaming is now just $49/month per active stream (i.e. channel). 

We know it’s a lot to take in. Fear not we’ll be deep diving into all these new features over the coming weeks. For now jump in and take a look by logging into your existing account or starting your 28 day free trial. We’d love to hear what you think of the new release.


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