DrupalCon Day 1 – The Battle Begins

DrupalCon Portland kicked off with a blast today. Over 3,300 attendees stormed the Oregon Convention Center for 3 days of Drupal talks and technology. Below are some of our highlights so far.


The Great Drupal Battle Begins

As part of DrupalCon we are running a competition to find the fastest Drupal powered site on the web. We call it The Great Drupal Battle. Dozens of Drupal sites began battling today in the three divisions of lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. Divisions are based on the total download size of your home or index page. The competition runs until 5pm PDT May 24th, so if you haven’t entered yet get your entry in here.

MetaCDN T-Shirts Snapped Up

Today we unveiled the new MetaCDN t-shirt design below. We printed a box full to give away at the show. They were obviously popular as the box was completely empty by the end of the day. We may need to take a van full to the next event.


Meeting The DrupalCon Ticket Winners

You may have seen the competition we held leading up to DrupalCon to win free tickets. Today we got to meet up and chat with the winners. Here you can see our US sales manager Tyler Smith hanging with competition winner Jeff Ackley.


Inspirational Speakers

Today we saw some truly inspirational speakers hit the DrupalCon stage. Drupal founder Dries Buytaert delivered a keynote I’m sure no one missed titled “The Current State of Drupal 8″. Luckily for those not at the event you can view most of the presentations on YouTube.


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