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The world wide web has allowed businesses large and small to reach a global audience. But how do you really know how your website is performing across the globe? If you are a US-based customer, do you know how your website performs in Asia or Europe? What if you are an Australian company wanting to break into the US market – do you know how long your website takes to load on the East and West coast of the United States?

Usually the answer is no. You often don’t know how your website performs in regions where you do not have a physical presence. If you have a slow loading website, you cannot depend on your customers or readers to tell you – they will simply become frustrated and move on to a different website; perhaps even your competitors!

MetaCDN has launched a new tool, now available on our homepage, to test the performance of your website from key regions (East and West Coast USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific) to give you insights into how your website performs across the globe.

Screenshot: MetaCDN Website Testing tool

MetaCDN Website Testing tool

The tool compares the speed of your website against your peers, breaking down the total time to load your webpage across key locations across the US, Asia and Europe. You can also break down the load time taken by content type, such as images, html, scripts and video.

Last month MetaCDN launched its Site Acceleration product – focused on improving the performance of your website to ensure your customers get blazingly fast load speeds every time they visit your site, no matter where they are. To maximise user engagement, clicks, conversions (e.g. sign-ups or sales) and ad views on your website, you need to ensure that your site is is always available and performing 24/7 in all the regions that you care about. MetaCDN Site Acceleration helps you and your website to achieve that goal.

Not happy with your website speed? Sign-up to MetaCDN now to access our Site Accelerator feature, which turbo-charges your website speed across the globe. Your customers will love it.

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