Live Streaming Platform Update

The MetaCDN Live Streaming platform recently received an update to allow us to deliver an even better live streaming experience for your users.  This upgrade involved migration of all existing live streams to a new, more efficient and robust design. So, what has changed? The following improvements are immediately available to all Live Streaming customers:

New MetaCDN “recommended” live streaming profiles

New MetaCDN “recommended” streaming profiles are provided for 16:9 (widescreen) and 4:3 (standard) content. These have been proven to work well for Flash and mobile (HLS) targeted streams, and align with Apple’s best practice guidelines for targeting iOS devices.

Finer grained live streaming control

Finer grained stream control allowing you to publish audio only or video only streams. This is great if you want to broadcast your own internet radio show, or utilise a video only stream (e.g. for an office webcam or security camera).

Helpful ‘best practice’ insights

Helpful insights are provided to give you advice on best practice configuration depending on your settings. We tell you what audio and video codecs work well together for the devices you wish to target.

Bandwidth guidelines for live streaming

Bandwidth guidelines are provided to make sure you have sufficient bandwidth to publish a given Live Streaming configuration. We help you make sure you have enough bandwidth to publish at the qualities you wish to reach.

A screenshot from the new Live Streaming configuration settings.

We’re confident you’ll love our upgraded Live Streaming service.

As always, we’d love to hear your questions or feedback.

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