MetaCDN 2.2 – Simplified Website Acceleration and Live Streaming plans


We are very pleased to announce the 2.2 release of the MetaCDN platform, available immediately. As part of this release, we are thrilled to announce some exciting new plans for Website Accelerator and Live Streaming customers. Super-charging your online presence has never been more affordable or powerful, allowing you to reach a global audience with confidence and ease.

MetaCDN: Simplified global website acceleration and live streaming.

Website Acceleration

We have created new, more flexible Website Acceleration plans. These new plans combine all functions and benefits of the old Standard, Advanced and Advanced-S website accelerators into one affordable package, including:

  • 100% Guaranteed Uptime via multiple active CDNs
  • 66 active points of presence (PoPs)
  • Automatic Failover
  • Static and dynamic acceleration
  • Secure Shared SSL

There will only be one “type” of website accelerator going forward, which is available on all plan levels. Each plan allows you to accelerate multiple websites, as well as including a generous allocation of data credit.

Accelerate your website from $39/month

Live Streaming

Not to be left out – our Live Streaming service has some fantastic new plans available also. Each plan includes multiple live streaming channels (which can be broadcast to simultaneously!), with each channel available at multiple qualities. Plans also include a generous allocation of data credit. Our Pro plan and above takes you to the next level – allowing you to stream up to 6 different quality levels per channel, letting you target a greater number of devices and bandwidth levels. Each plan includes all the features you know and love from our existing Live Streaming service, including:

  • Ad free service
  • Add your own branding
  • Multi-channel broadcasting
  • Local publish points
  • Embed on any website
  • Stream to mobile devices (including HLS support)
  • In-line Facebook playback
Broadcast live video from $39/month

Simple pricing. No nasty surprises.

Each plan includes generous service and data credit inclusions, and are available at an affordable and easy to understand price. Your data usage can vary from month to month, so instead of rigid data caps (e.g. in gigabytes or data requests), we have introduced flexible data credits as part of your plan, which you can use as your needs change.

Generous discounts of over 20% are also available if you subscribe to a yearly pre-paid plan.

Existing customer?

If you are an existing customer on an old Website Acceleration (Standard, Advanced or Advanced-S) or Live Streaming subscription, you will be contacted over the coming weeks to discuss your migration options. We think you will love the new plans!

Full Changelog since Version 2.0:

  • New MetaCDN Website and Live Streaming plans are available. [2.2]
  • Create new, flexible Site Acceleration that merges all functions of the old Standard, Advanced and Advanced-S website accelerators. There will only be one “type” of website accelerator going forward, which is available on all plan levels. [2.2]
  • Shared SSL is available over all MetaCDN products and services. [2.2]
  • Add support for more than 3 quality levels for live streams for customers on the Pro plan or higher. [2.2]
  • Updated on-demand and live media streaming service to support mandatory forced SSL/HTTPS for on-demand and live media sharing on Facebook. [2.1]
  • Improve reliability, compatibility and performance of Live Streaming product [2.1]
  • Customisable Splash screens (“posters”) now available on Live Streams [2.1]
  • Further compatibility improvements to Live Stream service to allow playback on additional devices such as Internet TVs [2.1]
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