MetaCDN lowers prices on data transfer

We are always working hard to drive down our underlying costs and pass those savings back to our customers. As such, we are very pleased to announce that we have reduced data transfer out prices by 44% across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. We have also made branded video templates free of charge. The pricing changes are as follows:

  • Data transfer out (North America/Europe): $0.10/GB ($0.18)
  • Data transfer out (Asia Pacific): $0.14/GB ($0.25)
  • Video templates: Free  ($1.00)

Along side this price reduction, MetaCDN has significantly streamlined its plan offerings. New customers can take advantage of our low cost PAYG offering, and enjoy a $30 credit upon signing up. The previously offered MetaCDN pre-paid plans (Standard, Advanced, Bulk) have all been retired. All existing customers will be contacted shortly for migration within the next 30 days to our new, lower cost PAYG plan.

All customers big or small will benefit by receiving highly competitive prices at all times, without having to pre-commit to a plan. As always, if you are a high volume user you can contact us directly for even greater savings.

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