Smarter Content Delivery with MetaCDN content reports

MetaCDN is pleased to announce the introduction of per-content reports, which give you detailed insight into where, when and how your content is being consumed. Per-content reports launched with Version 1.3 of the MetaCDN platform. To access this fantastic new feature, log into MetaCDN, click on your content listing then click on the report link. 

Content listing with available reports

The reporting interface gives you detailed analytics regarding how your content is being delivered and consumed. MetaCDN provides insights on a per-content basis over a user-definable time period. The reporting includes metrics such as:

  • Number of downloads started. View and correlate trends in download patterns for your content over days, weeks and months.
  • Number of downloads completed. Measure user engagement with your content, and understand if and why users are bailing during content downloads.
  • Cumulative numbers and volumes of downloads. View how many times was a piece of content was downloaded and how much data was transferred. 
  • Response code breakdown (2XX-5XX). Understand the reliability and effectiveness of your content delivery. Learn more about HTTP response codes here.
  • Location of consumer (Country). Understand who is is consuming your content and where they are from.
  • Operating System (OS)/Browser version. Understand the platforms that consume your content and ensure they are supported appropriately.

If you are an existing customer, these reports are available right now – so log into your MetaCDN account and try them out. If you are a new customer, sign-up now to get access to smarter content delivery!

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