Speed up your OpenX Source ad server and banner ads

One of the great things about OpenX Source is that you have complete control of how you want to serve your own ads.  Though, one of the challenges that you have is that you don’t have the massive infrastructure that is placed behind OpenX Enterprise.  As many publishers have discovered, a slow ad server can cause a fast loading site to slow down dramatically.  I’m going to share with you how to make your OpenX Source install run as fast as OpenX Enterprise and the other big ad serving solutions.

There are two areas of OpenX Source that we want to speed up; the OpenX Source GUI and the delivery of your ad assets.The great thing is that you can speed up both of these with one simple setup using MetaCDN.

To speed up your OpenX Source install, you will first need to follow these site acceleration instructions to accelerate the domain that you installed OpenX Source onto.  It is recommended that you use MetaCDN’s Advanced-S solution as it was built for delivering high volumes of small files, like banner ads, though you can use any of MetaCDN’s acceleration solutions.  It is also recommended that when you create your origin that you use an origin domain like ORIGIN.MYADSERVER.COM.  Contact support if you have any questions.

Once you have your site acceleration setup, your OpenX installation will now be accelerated!  If you have pointed (CNAMEd) the www of your domain to your MetaCDN acceleration link, then you just need to go to WWW.MYADSERVER.COM and login to your OpenX installation.  You should now notice that interacting with your OpenX installation is faster.  Though, the more important part is that you make sure your ad assets are accelerated.

I have found the easiest way to do this is create a directory on my server for banner ads.  For example, it could be www.myadserver.com/banners.  Once you have created your directory, this is where you store your banner ads. When you add a new banner in OpenX, you will want to use the “URL – Link an external url” option or “HTML – OpenX Generic HTML banner” option and makes sure the link to your banner ad contains the WWW portion of the URL so that the banner ad gets served through MetaCDN.

By serving your banners through MetaCDN, you will notice that your site never slows down due to the delivery of ads.  Note – This only applies to banners that you host.  If you are serving Google Adsense ads or banners that are hosted elsewhere, this will not improve the delivery of those ads.  For affiliate banners, if they are hosted by the affiliate network and they are loading slowly, then you could download the banners and upload them to your server.  Just check to make sure this doesn’t violate any terms of being an affiliate.

There are more advanced ways that you can setup OpenX Source to automatically serve banners through MetaCDN, but the above approach is the easiest way to do it.

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