Stay on top of your content

Staying on top of your content can be challenging, especially when you have a lot of it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if your service provider could notify you when:

  • Your content has been loaded onto the CDN and is ready to serve?
  • Your videos have been encoded and are ready to blast onto your social networks, blogs and email lists?
  • You are close to reaching the quotas on your service plan (or budget if you are PAYG)?
  • Your content is about to expire? (hey – it’s still popular, I want to keep it up longer!)
  • Your content has been deleted?

At MetaCDN, we thought so too. So, in our next release (coming Real Soon Now), we enable you to register your interest in a wide number of these sort of events, so you can easily stay up to date with your account and content at all times.

In the initial release, you can receive these notifications:

  • Within the MetaCDN application itself, via the appropriately named “Notification Inbox”, accessible from the top of your dashboard.
  • Delivered straight to your email inbox, so you don’t even need to log in!

In future releases we plan to expand the notification methods to SMS and Instant Messaging.

Click on the thumbnails above to see how the notification inbox and settings will look in the dashboard.

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