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How to Live Stream on Linux


This post will take you through the process of how to live stream on Linux, by creating a simple live stream player page in a Linux environment.  This example uses a web server, a MetaCDN account and some open source goodies.


  • 1 x Linux machine (My development box, running Ubuntu 12.04).
  • 1 x Photo of a TV.
  • 1 x Accessible web server ( in our case, running apache – http://httpd.apache.org).
  • 1 x MetaCDN live streaming account (www.metacdn.com).
  • 1 x Text Editor Of Your Choice (vim).
  • 1 x GIMP.  No, not a person with a physical impairment – we’re talking about the GNU Image Manipulation Program. (http://www.gimp.org).
  • 1 x FFMPEG (https://www.ffmpeg.org).

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