Turbo charge your business free for 28 days


We’re passionate about delivering lightning speed performance for every MetaCDN customer and now new users can trial us free of charge for 28 days. Here’s what has changed with MetaCDN free trials this month:


We killed restrictions

That’s right – there are now no restrictions on free trials. You can now simply sign up, accelerate your website, content and videos or run live streams completely free for 28 days. This means you can play with all the powerful features packed into MetaCDN without paying a cent (in accordance with our Fair Use policy).¬†Thought you’d like that.¬†

No credit card required

There’s now no credit card required to get up and running, so there’s absolutely no risk of trialing MetaCDN. No matter what you do you won’t be charged. Go ahead knock yourself out and try MetaCDN today.

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