User interface enhancements to MetaCDN

With the addition of live streaming to our platform, the dashboard was getting a bit “busy”. There are many things you can do with MetaCDN, but they all represent ‘accelerating’ a key part of your web or online infrastructure. You can:

  • Accelerate an individual file (from a static document to a high definition video file) via our Content service
  • Accelerate an entire website via our Site Acceleration service
  • Accelerate a live stream via our Live Streaming service

We’ve modified the dashboard navigation to streamline accessing all these options. Below is the old dashboard that you would have seen when you logged into MetaCDN. The top navigation menu is persistent on all screens.


Now let’s take a look at the updated header, with quick access to all key acceleration functions:


This should allow you to perform your key acceleration tasks a lot faster! Simply log into your account to check out these new changes.

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