Version 1.2 of MetaCDN is out!

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.2 of the MetaCDN platform. Some notable updates for this release include:

  • A brand new state machine under the hood. What does this mean for you? Once deployed, content and media will begin processing faster and be ready to access sooner than the previous version.
  • The total number of aggregate requests (daily and monthly) for your content & media are recorded. You can find this on your Report screen. We blogged about this change previously.
  • Notifications are available for events you care about, like replication, encoding and budget. Some folks may have tried an early iteration of this feature. The budget (PAYG) or quota (Plan) notifications have been simplified further. If you are on a PAYG plan you can set global budget and be notified as soon as it passes your threshold. If you are on a plan, you will be notified as soon as you exceed your quota for any service. We blogged about this feature a couple of months back.
  • Media rendering and embedding is significantly faster. Your media embed code is now cached on our global network of edge caches, resulting in faster loading times for your users. We have measured a 2-3 times reduction in response time on average, measured from 40 locations across the globe.

If you are an existing customer, simply login to see the changes. If you are a new customer, sign up now!

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