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MetaCDN Announces Appointment of Martin Ryan as CEO

3rd July 2012 – MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – MetaCDN, the cloud-based content delivery network (CDN) that harnesses high performance, low cost cloud storage networks, today announced Martin Ryan as its Chief Executive Officer.  Ryan brings a decade of online services experience to MetaCDN and will lead the Company’s strategic and operational functions. 

“I’m excited to join MetaCDN as CEO. Consumers demand faster access to multimedia content in different formats via various devices.  MetaCDN’s innovative use of cloud infrastructure and pay as you go pricing means our services are provided with more flexibility and at a significantly lower cost than traditional enterprise CDNs, without compromising quality or reliability. I’m looking forward to disrupting the incumbent players, breaking customers out of long term contracts, and providing a whole new group of customers the access to our innovative services,” Martin said. 

“We’re delighted to welcome Martin as CEO. He brings a wealth of experience in leading early stage businesses and preparing them for rapid growth. I look forward to working with Martin as we introduce innovative new services to address the ever-increasing need for high performance, affordable content delivery,” said James Broberg, co-Founder and CTO of MetaCDN. 

Prior to joining MetaCDN, Ryan was CEO at MIA (mobile content delivery), Asia Pacific MD at KACE (acquired by Dell) and General Manager at WebCentral (acquired by Melbourne IT).  He brings a background of experience growing visionary online and technology businesses in Australia, Asia, USA and Europe.

MetaCDN is the leading cloud based content delivery network. Our patent pending approach harnesses high performance, low cost cloud storage across the globe to dramatically improve multimedia experiences on all devices, platforms and connections. Founded in 2011 from research out of the University of Melbourne, MetaCDN is backed by leading Australian venture capital firm Starfish Ventures and the University of Melbourne’s commercialisation arm.

For more information, visit Click here for a high resolution photo of Martin Ryan, or below for a preview.

Martin Ryan, MetaCDN CEO

Smarter Content Delivery with MetaCDN content reports

MetaCDN is pleased to announce the introduction of per-content reports, which give you detailed insight into where, when and how your content is being consumed. Per-content reports launched with Version 1.3 of the MetaCDN platform. To access this fantastic new feature, log into MetaCDN, click on your content listing then click on the report link. 

Content listing with available reports

The reporting interface gives you detailed analytics regarding how your content is being delivered and consumed. MetaCDN provides insights on a per-content basis over a user-definable time period. The reporting includes metrics such as:

  • Number of downloads started. View and correlate trends in download patterns for your content over days, weeks and months.
  • Number of downloads completed. Measure user engagement with your content, and understand if and why users are bailing during content downloads.
  • Cumulative numbers and volumes of downloads. View how many times was a piece of content was downloaded and how much data was transferred. 
  • Response code breakdown (2XX-5XX). Understand the reliability and effectiveness of your content delivery. Learn more about HTTP response codes here.
  • Location of consumer (Country). Understand who is is consuming your content and where they are from.
  • Operating System (OS)/Browser version. Understand the platforms that consume your content and ensure they are supported appropriately.

If you are an existing customer, these reports are available right now – so log into your MetaCDN account and try them out. If you are a new customer, sign-up now to get access to smarter content delivery!

Version 1.3 of MetaCDN is out!

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.3 of the MetaCDN platform. Some notable updates for this release include:

  • Detailed reports are now available for static, video and audio content. These reports give customers detailed information regarding end-user engagement with their content. Read more about them here.
  • Customers can now sign-up and log in to MetaCDN with any valid email address. Previously customers were restricted to OpenID capable email addresses from providers such as Google, Yahoo and AOL.

If you are an existing customer, these features are available right now – so log into your MetaCDN account and try them out. If you are a new customer, sign-up now to get access to smarter content delivery!

MetaCDN supports new Amazon CloudFront Sydney Edge location

Amazon Web Services announced in June that it has added an edge location in Sydney, Australia to its’ CloudFront (Content Delivery) and Amazon Route 53 (DNS) services. MetaCDN harnesses CloudFront as one of many services it utilises for its’ global cloud-based Content Delivery Network. The new Sydney point of presence (PoP) was immediately available for all MetaCDN customers upon launch.

Sydney Opera House as viewed from atop the Harbour Bridge.
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  bdearth 

The east coast of Australia is now well serviced by MetaCDN, bring the total number of MetaCDN PoPs to four. Two of these PoPs are capable of real time and live streaming of video. This enables us to deliver unprecedented reliability and performance for Australian media consumers.