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DrupalCon Day 3 – The Final Sprint

We were certainly feeling the effects of a few big days and nights today but gave it all we had for the final day of DrupalCon Portland.

More Amazing Speakers

Another full day of amazing speakers, but we particularly enjoyed the keynote presentation by Michael Lopp titled: ‘The Engineer, The Designer, and the Dictator’. There’s a great summary of his presentation here. If you ever get a chance to see Michael talk, you won’t be disappointed.


Pinball Pub Crawl

It makes so much sense to combine two of our favorite pastimes. The guys from Opensourcery scored serious brownie points by organising a pinball pub crawl. 


James’ Presentation Uploaded

For those that missed James’ presentation yesterday on Drupal Performance you can now access it here.


Next Stop Prague?

We had such a blast at DrupalCon Portland – the logical question is should we head to DrupalCon Prague in September? Not sure if we’ll fit that one in the schedule at this stage, but if you’re in Europe I’d highly recommend it.


DrupalCon Day 2 – The Party Continues

After a massive first day, DrupalCon seemed even bigger today. It was a cold and rainy day in Portland, but that certainly didn’t stop everyone getting into the swing of things.


Another Busy Booth Day

We have talked to more Drupal developers in the last few days than we have all year. If you haven’t stopped by booth #334 yet, you’ve got one more day to stop in for a chat or to enter The Great Drupal Battle


James Talks Drupal Performance

Our founder James Broberg delivered his talk titled “Turbo Charge Your Drupal Website”. Website performance certainly seems to be a hot topic this year so hopefully you got to hear it. Stop into booth #334 if you want to get some one on one performance advice.

Party Time

I don’t know if it is a Drupal community thing but there is a serious amount of partying going on this week. The good guys from Pantheon & New Relic held a party tonight complete with Korean food, DJ and an open bar. No better way to unwind after a day on your feet.


DrupalCon Day 1 – The Battle Begins

DrupalCon Portland kicked off with a blast today. Over 3,300 attendees stormed the Oregon Convention Center for 3 days of Drupal talks and technology. Below are some of our highlights so far.


The Great Drupal Battle Begins

As part of DrupalCon we are running a competition to find the fastest Drupal powered site on the web. We call it The Great Drupal Battle. Dozens of Drupal sites began battling today in the three divisions of lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. Divisions are based on the total download size of your home or index page. The competition runs until 5pm PDT May 24th, so if you haven’t entered yet get your entry in here.

MetaCDN T-Shirts Snapped Up

Today we unveiled the new MetaCDN t-shirt design below. We printed a box full to give away at the show. They were obviously popular as the box was completely empty by the end of the day. We may need to take a van full to the next event.


Meeting The DrupalCon Ticket Winners

You may have seen the competition we held leading up to DrupalCon to win free tickets. Today we got to meet up and chat with the winners. Here you can see our US sales manager Tyler Smith hanging with competition winner Jeff Ackley.


Inspirational Speakers

Today we saw some truly inspirational speakers hit the DrupalCon stage. Drupal founder Dries Buytaert delivered a keynote I’m sure no one missed titled “The Current State of Drupal 8″. Luckily for those not at the event you can view most of the presentations on YouTube.


Join us for The Great Drupal Battle


MetaCDN is very excited to be a Gold Sponsor of DrupalCon Portland, and some lucky members of the team be in Portland next week enjoying all it has to offer. Come and say hello to us in Booth #334. But did you know we are running a competition to find the fastest Drupal powered site on the web? The top sites in three “weight” divisions will duke it out to see who has the speed crown. Entering is simple:


To enter simply submit a Drupal powered website before 5pm PDT May 24th 2013. This competition is open to US websites only. Click here to enter.


Each entry will compete in one of three divisions – Lightweight, middleweight or heavyweight. Divisions are based on the total download size of your home or index page.

  • Lightweight: 900KB and below
  • Middleweight: 901KB – 1800KB
  • Heavyweight: 1801KB and above


The fastest website in each division will win a remote control Ferrari, that will surely satisfy your need for speed! Winners will be notified by email and prizes will be shipped within 7 days.

Manchester United win trophy for fastest website

Just when you were sick of Manchester United winning all the time, they’ve now taken home the trophy for the fastest Premier League website. We tested the performance of all 20 official Premier League club websites and have ranked them in order of the average global speed (in seconds). Run your own speed test using the free MetaCDN speed checker

Here’s how the official club websites performed


Note: US (ec) and US (wc) refer to East and West coasts of the United States.

Note: Each speed test took into account that many club URL’s lead directly to a splash page requiring an initial click to enter the actual website.

Why Manchester United care about web performance


Manchester United’s official site is published in seven languages and over the last 12 months has attracted an average of more than 62 million page views per month – that’s 10 million more per month than Mashable. Boasting a worldwide following of 659 million fans, Manchester United understand the demand for their brand and have matched their on field success with online performance, gaining the title of fastest EPL website with a global average of 2.1 seconds load time.  

In 2012 a Manchester United survey revealed that they have 325 million fans within Asia alone, and with so much demand its no wonder they’ve clocked up the fastest load time for the Asian region out of any premier league team. 

Arsenal neglect Asian fan base?


No not exactly. Arsenal’s website would have finished in the top four had it sorted out its performance issues in Asia. The 62.3 second load time killed their average global speed score but it doesn’t show the whole picture. Arsenal have a separate URL for their Chinese fans ( which utilizes the QQ platform. But their QQ website is still lagging behind with an average speed of 22 seconds for the Asian region. 

Arsenal have opened training schools in China, are sponsored by an Asian Airline and regularly tour Asia to promote their brand. so it is surprising both gunner websites showed such poor test results within the region. Although their worldwide appeal is far less than Manchester United and Liverpool, Asia makes up for about 15 percent of all visitors to the Arsenal site.

Is it all about selling shirts?


According to this news source, ’Manchester United and Liverpool sell more official replica football shirts, for Nike and Adidas respectively, than any other teams in the English Premier League’. Born from necessity, perhaps it is the large volume of global merchandise sales that are the driving force behind both club’s need for superior website performance worldwide, gifting Liverpool and Manchester United the top two positions in the table. 

Tottenham are EU Champions

And lastly the Tottenham Hotspur fans will be happy to see the team finally joining the European Champions with the fastest recorded load speed of 1.5 seconds for the EU. A quick search on the Alexa traffic stats website reveals that the club has a significant following in Norway. Go figure. 

Need to speed up your website?

Need help speeding your website l like some of the teams above? Signup for the MetaCDN website acclerator  and turbo charge your business free for 28 days.