Announcing the MetaCDN Add-On for Engine Yard

MetaCDN partners with Engine Yard for integrated multi-cdn Add-On.
MetaCDN partners with Engine Yard for powerful, integrated Multi-CDN Add-On.

At MetaCDN we are always on the look out for great application and web hosts to work with and support. Too often customers come to us with under-performing, oversubscribed and unscalable web infrastructure. MetaCDN can help but it can only do so much – if the hosting foundation is poor then the end result can be disappointing when you get hit with lots of traffic, leading to disappointed customers, lost sales and marketing opportunities. Engine Yard are experts in running industrial strength, scalable applications in the cloud with over one billion hours of experience on AWS. You can deploy, scale and monitor your PHP, Ruby and Node.js apps with EngineYard’s cloud application management platform.

We are very pleased to announce that MetaCDN has teamed with Engine Yard to deliver one-click access to our Multi-CDN network. Engine Yard users can now scale globally with 125+ PoPs worldwide by using the MetaCDN Engine Yard Add-On.

Introducing MetaCDN on Engine Yard

MetaCDN is now available as an official Add-On (login required) for Engine Yard. Our Engine Yard integration gives you full access to all features of the MetaCDN Website Accelerator product, including:

  • 120+ Total Active Points of Presence
  • Performance Based Routing With Multiple Active CDN Providers
  • Automatic Failover
  • Secure Shared SSL
  • API Access
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Quick Purge
  • Push & Pull Capabilities

EngineYard customers benefit by having one-click access to our Multi-CDN network. By combining multiple CDN providers into one seamless network, MetaCDN gives Engine Yard customers access to their aggregate power and reach, with the peace of mind of automatic failover to redundant networks in each region. Like all Engine Yard Add-Ons, use of the MetaCDN Add-On will simply be included on your monthly EngineYard bill. Don’t have an Engine Yard account? Get started today by clicking here.

In our next blog post, we will walk you through the simple process of installing and integrating the MetaCDN Add-On for Engine Yard customers.

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